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1. Cancellation policy

1.1 What is the cancellation policy?

Here you can view our complete cancellation policy for Livensa Living bookings.

1.2 What happens if I’ve already booked my room, but my visa has been denied or I’ve not been granted a place at university?

If you’re unable to obtain the visa you need, or if you’re not granted a place at university, we will cancel your reservation free of charge. However, you’ll need to provide proof that you are going to study in a city other than the one where you had your original booking with us.

2. Payment and reservations

2.1 How far in advance do I need to book my room?

It’s best to make a reservation as soon as possible so you can select the room you like best. There’s no deadline for bookings, so you can make your reservation whenever it suits you. Please note, however, that prices are subject to change. Make sure you don’t leave it too late!

2.2How do I book my room?

You can book your room on our website – just follow the steps provided! If you visit one of our residences and decide on where you’d like to stay, our staff will help you arrange your booking.

You’ll have to make an initial payment of:

•Booking fee: €250. At our Salamanca, Granada Cartuja and Granada Fuentenueva residences, the booking fee is €100.
This fee is non-refundable. See the exceptions in our cancellation policy.

At least 30 days prior to your arrival, you will have to pay a:
•Deposit: €1,000. At our Salamanca, Granada Cartuja and Granada Fuentenueva residences, the deposit is €800.
Your deposit will be refunded once we have confirmed that there is no damage to the room, common areas or the building at large, excepting normal wear and tear. The deposit will only be returned if you do not have any outstanding payments due.

•First month’s rent.

2.3What documents do I need to check-in?

You will need the following documents:
•A personal identification document: ID card or passport.
•A visa, if one is necessary for your stay in Spain.
•A letter of confirmation of enrolment or acceptance from the university or college you will be attending.
•A passport photo of yourself.
•The accommodation contract; if you are over 18 years of age, must be signed by you, but if you are a minor, it must be signed by your parents or legal guardians.
•A signed document from the account holder approving direct debit for fees.

2.4Do I get a discount if I pay for my entire stay upfront?

We give a 2% discount on the monthly rent for stays equal to or longer than 5 months if these are paid upfront.

2.5How can I make the payments?

Payments can be made directly through the Resident Portal, either by bank transfer or credit/debit card.

2.6Will my deposit be returned? How will it be returned?

The deposit is used as a guarantee to cover any expenses for loss or damage that may be incurred regarding the room, common areas, furnishings or residence in general (except for normal wear and tear). It may also be used to cover any other breach of contractual obligations involving damage or non-payment.

The amount of the deposit, less any reasonable costs incurred by breaching any of your contractual obligations, will be returned to you as soon as reasonably possible by the same method with which it was paid. It will be paid once the departure-day inspection described in the contract is complete, and no later than 45 days following the termination of the contract.

2.7How are rooms assigned?

Your preferences are our top priority – we want you to be as comfortable as possible. When you book, you’ll be able to indicate your room location preferences (on a specific floor, near a friend, etc.). When it comes to assigning your room, the Livensa team will do its best to fulfil your request.

2.8What is the minimum and maximum length of stay at the residences?

The longest housing contracts we offer are for one calendar year, but keep in mind that you’ll always have the option to renew. The minimum length of stay varies according to the location and time of year, but in general, it’s 5 months. Contact us for further information.

2.9Are there age restrictions for living in student accommodation?

If you’re aged 16 or older, you can stay with Livensa. If you’re still a minor, your parents or legal guardians must sign your housing contract.

2.10Is the price of the double rooms the price of the room or the price per person?

All prices quoted are per person per month.

3.Arrivals and departures

3.1Is there a specific arrival day/time?

No, you can arrive on any day at any time. Once you have made your booking and we have provided you with the accommodation details, we suggest that you get in touch with the residence to arrange everything so that they can be waiting for you when you arrive.

3.2Is there a spot where I can park while I move in?

Ask the staff at the residence where you’ll be staying. They’ll provide you with assistance where they can.

3.3Who will be waiting for me when I arrive at Livensa Living?

There will always be someone from Livensa Living during reception hours; if you arrive after hours, there will be a security guard.

4. Services

4.1What is included in the room?

You’ll be able to see all the services that come with our rooms by checking the information for each residence and room type.

4.2What is included in the monthly price?

The price of your room includes all bills (water, electricity, gas and internet). You won’t have to pay extra for using the facilities or common areas. We want you to feel at home… only better!

4.3What is not included in the price?

•The laundry service.
•The Copy/print service.
•Car and motorcycle parking.
•Room cleaning and change of linen (at some residences, this service is included; if this is the case, we’ll let you know).

4.4What extras are available at the residence?

•Laundry service.
•Copy/print service.
•Car and motorcycle parking.
•You can request an extra room cleaning whenever you need it.

4.5Can I stay over the summer?

Yes, you can stay over the summer. If your contract has expired, you can extend it.

4.6Are there events or activities held at the residence?

Yes! Our Student Life team is in charge of arranging events, activities and parties at the residence. They’re perfect for having fun and meeting new people.

5. During my stay

5.1Who can live at these residences?

Livensa Living’s student residences are for students and other academics, such as professors and researchers.

If you’re a minor, your parents or legal guardian will make the booking for you.

5.2Can I receive visitors or have overnight guests?

Yes, we welcome visits from your friends and family.

During the day, you can invite whoever you like as many times as you like, but you can only have one guest at a time.

At night, you can invite one person to stay at the residence free of charge for three nights a month, provided that you give at least 24 hours’ notice to the front desk. In shared rooms, you cannot invite guests to spend the night.

5.3Can I bring my pet?

Unfortunately, the terms of our accommodation contracts do not permit animals.

5.4Can I smoke in the room?

Smoking is not allowed inside the building – you cannot smoke in the common areas nor in the rooms. The residences have designated outdoor areas where you can smoke.

5.5What do I do if something in my room isn’t working?

We have a maintenance team that can fix anything. They will let you know in advance if they need access to your room.

5.6Can I have my groceries or other orders delivered to the facility?

You can send any parcels you want to the residence, except for groceries or perishable food. For these, you will need to pick them up in person.

5.7Will I have WiFi?

Yes, we have WiFi throughout the building. You’ll never run out of data! You also have an Ethernet connection in your room. It’s all included in the price!

6. Security

6.1Is there 24-hour security at the residence?

Yes, our residence staff are on duty around the clock. There is a night-time concierge, as well as CCTV in the common areas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

6.2Are there curfew hours for entering and leaving Livensa Living?

We have electronic key-card access both at the building entrance and to the rooms. With your card, you can come and go from Livensa Living whenever you please – your schedule is up to you!

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Contact us – you can call us on the following numbers: +34913103032 and +351308801638. If you’d rather send us a WhatsApp, we’ll happily answer as soon as we can.