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Madrid Alcobendas

Artist: Uriginal   |   Curator: Rebobinart

In Livensa Living Studios Madrid-Alcobendas, a new concept of Flexible Accommodation, both interior and exterior murals have Uri Martinez’s signature, better known as Uriginal (@uriginalbcn), a Catalan Urban Artist who stands out for his particular colorful style that navigates between the kaleidoscopic inspiration of Gaudi’s mosaics and the most pop, street and folkloric heritage.

Madrid Getafe

Artist: Boa Mistura   |   Curator: Rebobinart

The Madrid multidisciplinary collective Boa Mistura (@boamistura) put the touch of color in the Madrid Getafe residency with its traditional game of juxtaposition of words, geometries and color palettes.

Granada Fuentenueva

Artist: Marina Capdevila   |   Curator: Rebobinart

The illustrator and muralist Marina Capdevila (@marinacapdevila) captured in her mural work in Livensa Living Granada Fuentenueva, a clear nod to the neighborhood of Los Pajaritos, which is where the residence is located, inspired by the beauty and experience, without following the usual aesthetic canons. Her characters are timeless, elderly people who do not fit into society, or simply do not want to.

Diagonal Alto

Artist: PichiAvo   |   Curator: Rebobinart

For Livensa Living Diagonal Alto, in Barcelona, Rebobinart selected the artistic duo @PichiAvo who painted a 125m2 mural of the Greek goddess Athena, as well as other figures inspired by Greek culture in different spaces of the residence.


Artist: Axel Void   |   Curator: Delimbo

The artist chosen for the residency in Seville was Axel Void (@axelvoid), in a project curated by Seleka and Laura Calvarro, founders of the Delimbo gallery in the city. The concept on which the artist worked: an ode to Andalusia and a vindication of the use of public spaces.


Artist: Mr. Dheo y Pariz One   |   Curator: Sonae Sierra

Curated by Sonae Sierra, national and local artists contributed to the creation of the work. Mr. Dheo (@mrdeho), a street art artist from Porto, in collaboration with Pariz One (@parizone), designed the murals of the two Livensa Living residences in this city.

For Porto Boavista, the two artists created The Last Adventure, a grand homage to the history of art over the centuries, with references to figures such as Michelangelo, Tintin, Superman and Portuguese architect José Quintela da Fonseca.

For the Porto Campus, the artists created a social intervention mural to raise awareness among residents and passersby about the problem of racism and xenophobia, with symbolic elements alluding to the union of peoples and cultures.

Marqués de Pombal

Artist: Mr. Dheo   |   Curator: Sonae Sierra

Mr. Dheo was also individually commissioned to create a graffiti mural on the exterior of the building as well as several art installations inside the Marquês de Pombal residence, Lisbon with the aim of harmonizing the space and making it as young, vibrant and light as possible.

Cidade Universitària

Artist and Curator: Atelier Contencioso

Atelier Contencioso, composed by 4 artists and characterized by site-specific works, is responsible for the artistic contribution in Livensa Living Cidade Universitaria.

105 aluminum sheets, harmoniously distributed on the facade of the building, represent the leaves and petals of the millenary tree Ginkgo Balboa.

The decision to represent this tree is not fortuitous, since it has great symbolism: it is associated with peace and perseverance; it unites the masculine and the feminine, and its colors represent the fertility of the earth, youth, strength, life, warmth, nature, joy and hope.


Artist: Bordalo II   |   Curator: Sonae Sierra

Residents can also admire, in addition to various animals and other graffiti elements inside the residence, an installation by Portuguese artist Bordalo II (@b0rdalo_ii). Half Gorilla is an 8-meter-high piece built entirely out of garbage, part of a series of Big Trash Animals by the artist.