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Student Accommodation
in Portugal


Portugal is the best place to have an amazing university experience while learning or brushing up on your Portuguese. Its beautiful beaches on the Atlantic coast, its wide range of water sports, its dazzling culinary variety, its incredible sunsets… need I say more, come and study at Livensa Living Portugal?

We know that going abroad is a major decision, but we also know that at Livensa Living, we’re ready to offer you the best experience you can find. Our residences, meticulously looked after to ensure that your well-being comes first, will become your home away from home. There, you can meet people who will become lifelong friends.


Residencia De Estudiantes Coimbra Student Accommodation In Portugal


Coimbra is one of Europe’s oldest university cities, and its vibrant student scene runs throughout the whole city. Coímbra is a wonderful city to walk around; explore it by wandering its streets, visiting the Universidade de Coimbra or heading to the botanical garden. Study in a city like Coimbra, and you’ll never look back!

Residencia De Estudiantes Lisboa Student Accommodation In Portugal

Lisbon is the perfect city for the most go-getting of students; there’s always something to do. Known for being one of the sunniest capitals in Europe, outdoor sports are the perfect way to blow off some steam when you’ve got a day off from class. How does running, biking, hiking or heading to the beach for kayaking and surfing sound?

Residencia De Estudiantes Porto Student Accommodation In Portugal


The capital of tiles, walkers, sunsets and wine; that’s Porto, a city you’ll never forget.
And Livensa Living, of course, has the best residences in the city; there, you can enjoy your time at university without missing a single detail of this beautiful city.

Livensa in Portugal

Coimbra, Lisbon and Porto. Three spectacular cities and five student residences waiting to welcome you to Portugal. Ready to start your university experience in this amazing country?

We’re opening the doors of our residences so you can take a peek inside and see the life that awaits you within. Each one is designed to help you get the most out of your time at university. We want you to create lifelong memories and make friends that will become your second family, and all of this while working to become the career professional you’ve always wanted to be.

Student Accommodation in Portugal

Live in Portugal, study anywhere you like

Portugal offers a wide variety of degrees, master’s degrees, courses, training and postgraduate programmes so that you can further your education in your interests and your career. It is home to both private and public educational institutions where you can continue with your studies.

Livensa Living has five student residences located around Portugal’s main cities and university areas. If you’re on a study abroad, or if you live in another city but study in Coimbra, Lisbon or Porto, come and stay at Livensa Living.

Our residents are students at the following universities:

Close to everything

Our student accommodations are located very close to major universities and educational institutions, but getting to the city centre is also a breeze. No matter which Livensa Living you choose, you’ll have a variety of transport options nearby so you can get around the city and its surroundings with ease.

No matter where you study in Portugal, you can always head down to the beach; if you like surfing or kitesurfing, Portugal is the place for you. There are endless beaches with good surf for practising these sports, such as Figueira de Foz, Ericeira and Matosinhos. If you prefer to work on your tan or go for a swim, there are also beaches for you, although the water may be a bit nippy. If you’re more of a city-break type, there are endless things for you to do without having to set foot outside the city.

Come and study in Portugal

The more you get to know Portugal the more unexpected surprises you encounter. Those who have been to Portugal always want to return again and again. And what is responsible for this magnetic effect?

Perhaps it’s the cuisine; the food is delicious and its portions are usually generous, so going hungry is never an option. If you come to the Lisbon area, you must try the pastéis de Belém or pastéis de nata; you’ve probably tried versions of these elsewhere, but there are no other cream treats that can match these.

Another thing that makes Portugal special is its people, who are friendly by nature. You’ll find lovely people wherever you go, always willing to lend a hand if you need it.
If you see a sunset in Portugal someday, you may never want to go back home. They say that some parts of Portugal should only be visited at dusk, like Cabo da Roca.
Or the Algarve! Now that’s a part of Portugal that you must have heard of. Located in the country’s south, it’s a marvel in every sense of the word.

There are no places more unique, from caves to rocky coastlines, white sandy beaches and beaches which are practically untouched. Paradise, isn’t it?