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Get ready to live the best experience

Community Life all around

At Livensa Living we know that the experience of living in our residences and accommodations is much more than just going to college and studying. That’s why our facilities have everything you need to enjoy on a daily basis thanks to its spacious rooms, study rooms and libraries, gyms, lounges, swimming pools, movie theaters, rehearsal rooms and yoga, which are some of the spaces you’ll find in our residences.

But what you can’t imagine are all the activities and events that can be organized in each of these common areas. For this reason, and so that you can get the most out of your experience at Livensa, we have a Community Life team that will make sure that boredom is last on your list of options.

In addition to all the plans you can imagine inside Livensa, our Community Life team has plans outside of Livensa as well: you’ll be able to get to know and make plans all over the city.

All this with unbeatable company, with all the Livensers!

Much more than colleagues

We are a community!

Your Livensa experience will mark a before and after in your life, both personally and professionally.

You will meet people who will share the same interests, concerns, and projections as you, and who knows? Maybe they will become part of a network that will help you and boost your professional future. Not only will you begin a new stage in your university or master’s degree, but you will also begin a new personal stage that will help you develop your professional career.

 Community Life Pillars

Within the Community Life program, we offer activities and actions grouped under 4 Pillars:


We take care of the body and mind of our residents through different actions.
You can sign up for classes led by professional athletes, sports tournaments, healthy cooking workshops and Livensa Cares moments, when we really pamper our residents during the exam season.In terms of emotional well-being, Livensa Living is concerned about the mental health of our residents. We train our teams to act in emergency situations and offer you free unlimited online sessions with expert psychologists in more than 20 languages.


Our sustainability proposal begins in our buildings, where we are pioneers in obtaining energy certifications. We have the BREEAM seal in all our establishments, for waste reduction and optimization in the use of resources. In addition, we provide our residents with tools to discover how to be more conscious and efficient with actions such as Second Life, giving a second life to household and kitchen utensils among the residents.
We also use recycled and local products in our events to ensure the least possible impact on the planet.


The Livensa Living team is very aware of the importance of the social impact we have, or can have, both locally and globally. Every grain of sand counts: volunteering, donations, collaborations with local associations, awareness and social gap workshops, among others.
We maintain a close relationship with the Red Cross and the Food Bank, with which we actively collaborate throughout the peninsula.


Within party planning, we look for community and networking.

Coffee Masters for upperclassmen, Ice Breakers during the first days of the course or simply a City Tour guided by our coordinators, helping to create social connections that can last forever.

One of our most ambitious projects, Livensa Talent, is part of our connection pillar. In these activities, we provide tools for future employment and help develop the careers of Livensers.

Some of the companies that have already joined the project are: the INSEAD Alumni Association, the International School of Protocol, Orientation for Employment, Michael Page, Bumok or Easy Future, among others.

In addition, we offer guidance on where to find scholarships and job offers, how to use LinkedIn, how to face a job interview or, why not be an entrepreneur? These are just some of the workshops we already have in our offer of experiences.

How to be up to date with all the news?

Livensa Living has developed a customized tool, where we collect all the events, activities, promotions and news of each building so that residents can access information and register for events. We also collect their experiences and above all, their satisfaction with each action.

Don’t miss out on being part of this!

Coming Soon

Were you a Livenser and want to stay connected to the community? More information coming soon.