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Student housing and flexible accommodation in Spain


Our student residences and flexible accommodations are located in the main Spanish cities, close to the universities where you will live a unique experience.

At Livensa Living you will feel at home, but it gets much better. Here, your well-being is the most important thing, and you’ll not only study to achieve your goals, but you’ll meet people like you with whom you’ll connect from the very first moment.

Choose your destination city and get ready to live an unforgettable university experience.


Student Residences In Barcelona. University Residences In Barcelona.
Barcelona is modern, cosmopolitan, vibrant. Full of art, music, hustle and bustle; the best of the beach and the mountains is at your fingertips. The city is just waiting for you to come and discover it, diving into all the hidden delights it has to offer.
Student Residences In Bilbao. University Residences In Bilbao.

There are many things about Bilbao that stand out, but it’s most famous worldwide for the delicious pintxos you can find among the so-called “Siete Calles or “Zazpi Kaleak”, the impressive architecture, the city’s rich cultural offerings (led by the flagship Guggenheim) and the outdoor spaces where you can relax, enjoy yourself or stroll along the estuary. Are you really going to pass up the opportunity to experience all this?

Student Residences In Granada. University Residences In Granada.
If Granada is one thing – besides being historic and enthralling – it’s the queen of Spanish university cities. Nowhere else welcomes students with so much verve or offers them so many opportunities to live university life to the fullest. Where better to have this experience than at our Livensa Living student accommodation?
Student Residences In Madrid. University Residences In Madrid.
Spain’s historic, cosmopolitan capital offers a unique, exciting urban experience you’ll remember for a lifetime. Besides its vibrant student life, the city is a whole world waiting to be discovered. Located in the heart of Spain, it’s at the centre of a transit network connecting it with the rest of the country and Europe.
Student Residences In Málaga. University Residences In Málaga.

Malaga, the city of pescaíto frito, beaches and sunsets, relaxed living and good atmosphere. It’s the perfect choice for spending time in this beautiful city and enjoy the good weather 365 days a year.

Student Residences In Pamplona. University Residences In Pamplona.

This city may be famous for the Running of the Bulls, but Pamplona has many other things that will make you love studying here. If you’ve decided on the Universidad de Navarra or the Universidad Pública de Navarra for your degree, master’s or postgraduate degree, the only thing you have left to do is to pick the best student accommodation: Livensa Living Pamplona.

Student Residences In Salamanca. University Residences In Salamanca.
Home to Spain’s oldest university, Salamanca is the perfect city for your studies. It’s a city bursting with history, and it’s got the best atmosphere around. Livensa Living Salamanca is waiting for you!
Accommodation In Donostia San Sebastián.
San Sebastian can only be described with one word: magical. From the first minute you set foot there, you’ll fall in love with this city, with its cultural and culinary traditions, with the unique life livening its streets. And don’t forget its spectacular beaches, its picture-perfect views and its bustling city life.
Student Residences In Sevilla. University Residences In Sevilla.

Seville is often labelled as a must-see in travel guides, but there’s something much better than just stopping in for a visit: come study here, discover its streets and breathe its city life.
Come with us and discover this unique city!

Alojamiento Ofertas Especiales Valencia

They say that Valencia is one of Spain’s top cities for its Mediterranean cuisine, history, culture, beaches, climate… no matter why you’ve decided to come to Valencia, here at Livensa Living, we’re offering accommodation right along the marina. Our very central location means you can get around the city with ease.




Livensa in Spain

Now here comes the best part: deciding where and how to live the experience. If you choose us, you’ll discover that Livensa Living is much more than just a place to stay, we’re a place to enjoy your new life surrounded by a staff that’s ready to help you 24/7, with facilities designed down to the last detail to provide you with all the comfort and security you need, without having to worry about the bills at the end of the month.

Our residences and flexible accommodations are created and designed for you, so that you can live your university experience to the fullest.

Student housing and flexible accommodation in Spain

Live in Spain, study anywhere you like

If you want to study in Spain, you’ll be able to study what you like, where you like. Between the country’s many universities, colleges, campuses, business schools, postgraduate centres and many other educational institutions, you can choose to study wherever you prefer.

At Livensa Living we have student residences and flexible accommodations in the main university cities of the country so that all future university students who want to study away from home can do so. And, of course, you will also be welcome if you are a Seneca or Erasmus student, master or postgraduate.

Our students attend the following universities and institutions:

Close to everything

Our student residences are built very close to the major universities and educational institutions, and their robust connections to the city centre will put everything at your fingertips.

Our locations are perfectly situated to provide you with good access to public transportation, making it easy to get around the city or even to explore beyond it.

No matter where you study in Spain, you can always take a trip to the beach or to the mountains; to a smaller town or village with irresistible charm; to the countryside, for a breath of fresh air and to see what nature has to offer. Why not go with your new Livensers friends to visit another city with a Livensa?

Come and study in Spain

Spain is a country rich in culture, art, cuisine and entertainment. You’ll see a different plan waiting for you everywhere you look. And the food? It’s simply the best! You’ll be able to taste endless local Mediterranean delights, from Madrid’s bocata de calamares to paella valenciana and the delicious pintxos of Bilbao, Pamplona and San Sebastian; try a few on oneof those Sundays in the sun while enjoying a beer or a vermouth as an aperitif.

You’ll fall in love with Spain as soon as you set foot there, and not just because its food, but also because of its architecture, which mixes Gothic, Romanesque and Moorish artistic influences; because of its climate, especially in the southern and Mediterranean coastal cities where the sun shines most days of the year, bringing warm temperatures along with it. And don’t forget about its people, always ready to help and to show you the beauty of their homeland.

Come and study in any city in Spain with Livensa Living!