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Get ready to have the best experience

Community Life all around

At Livensa Living, we know that the university experience is about much more than just going to class and studying. That’s why our facilities have everything you need not just to give you the best living and study experience, but also to enjoy your everyday life. Gyms, common rooms, swimming pools, cinemas and music rooms are just some of the facilities you’ll find in our residences. But what you can’t yet imagine are the plans that can be made in each of these spaces.  This is why we have a Community Life team: to ensure that you get the most out of all we have to offer, ensuring that boredom is the last thing on your list. They’ve organised events for the residence so that you can get the most out of our facilities, as well as arranging for some plans out in the town so you can get to know the city where you’ll have an unforgettable experience.

And you’ll do all this with some top-notch company: the other Livensers!

Much more than colleagues

We’re a community

Your time at Livensa will become a personal and professional milestone for you. And best of all, you’ll share it with people who are on the same path and who will become part of your life.

You’ll meet people who will have the same interests, hopes and dreams as you. Who knows, maybe they’ll form a network that will help and inspire you in your future career! This will not only be a new phase in your studies, but also in your personal life, one that will help you launch your professional career.

A passport to the world

Without leaving Livensa

The Livensa Living community is diverse, multicultural and international. What does this mean?
Not only will you meet loads of interesting people, but you’ll be able travel around the world from your living room and get to know different cultures, points of view and ways of life.

And, of course, taste food from across the globe!

If you’re lucky, it’ll also open doors to homes all over the world, so don’t miss out on the benefits of having international friends.