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If you are looking for a different student experience, find out what LIVENSA Living has to offer you.



Our services are managed by local teams committed to providing an excellent range of services and activities  tailored to the needs of each student. 

In Livensa Living our goal is to provide a safe, comfortable and enjoyable environment so you can thrive in your academic studies. Living with us will give you an unforgettable experience that will stay with you forever.


 The best possible location 

The residences Livensa Living are located in areas close to academic institutions and with easy access to public transport. Which means we are one step away from universities and one step away from the best of each city  has to offer.

The best rooms and facilities 

 In Livensa Living, we have designed all of  the rooms and social spaces to make your stay as relaxing and safe as possible, in order to get the best possible results from your studies. 
From the variety of rooms to common areas to promote interaction between students, everything has been designed to answer your needs. Every room has a modern and comfortable design, equipped with fast Wi-Fi, en suite bathrooms and all the necessary storage and cooking facilities
And as the student life also means taking care of your well-being and social life, we provide, study areas, a modern library, common areas to relax and socialize, a gym, a swimming pool, a game room and a cinema. Everything for you to feel like at home, be fit and healthy and socialize with your new friends that you will make in the city that you took as yours.

 The best security services

 At Livensa Living we understand the importance of safety and security, all of our residences have multilingual teams available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week focused on providing exceptional levels of service.
Our facilities will be  monitored 24 hours a day through a system of CCTV and controlled secure access. 


The best community 

In Livensa Living,  we are always thinking about your well-being, we can provide extra services, a complete and varied calendar of social activities, a self-service laundry that sends  a message via email when you´re clothes are ready and the indispensable 24 hours support of a committed team, always available to solve your problems and needs.
All because the student residence Livensa Living is a home away from home, where you study, relax and make friends for life. Our only priority is your well-being and safety.
Every day we work to improve and create new services that will make your studies and stay an unforgettable life experience.

Where are we


Carrer de Sant Mateu 4,  08950 Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona, Espanha


R. Dr. Manuel Pereira da Silva, 4200-389 Porto, Portugal